Written by Kushner Stuart

January 2013 News

As we begin our 89th year of Amity (yes it has been that long), let’s reflect a little on how far we have come as a club. Many of you have heard the stories from Ben and our dear departed friend Ralph about the origins of the club and its start as a social club for Jewish men. The card games, the shows, the entertainers, the food, but most importantly the fun and friendships that were established by being a member of Amity.

Amity President Michael Sadagursky speaks at our Outing

Amity President Michael Sadagursky speaks at our Outing

As the world evolved so did Amity and golf became the driving force behind the club’s activities. Don’t get me wrong, the golf is still an important part of Amity, and hopefully you can tell by the courses we will be playing this year and the painstaking detail we have taken to make these golf events competitive yet fun. At the same time, we have started to take a step backwards in a way, and re-emphasize the social aspects that our Amity founders foresaw in creating this club. We now have a social (non-golf) membership, have added a Nationals game, poker nights, new restaurants and a variety of speakers to our schedule, starting with Tom Ridge at our January 27th New Member Brunch.

And we are not done…..look for a couple more events to be added. But we can’t do it alone. As the Marines say “We Are Looking for a Few Good Men.” This means we need you to help us grow by bringing those that could benefit from Amity to the January 27th event. Again, the bigger we are, the more options we have in courses and entertainment choices. It also means, even more importantly, that we need you to participate – become an active Amity member. A lot of work goes into planning the full slate of events each year – make that your New Year’s resolution to attend more events and help solidify the friendships and camaraderie of Amity membership. Finally it means help us make the club even better – join committees or start a new one, and give us ideas on courses, restaurants, speakers and events that will solidify our position as one of the top men’s social organizations in the Washington D.C. area.

We are looking for a great turnout for our Annual New Member Brunch on Sunday, January 27 that 10:00 A.M. at Lakewood Country Club. As mentioned, our special guest speaker is Tom Ridge, former Homeland Security Secretary, and former Governor of Pennsylvania. This is the perfect event to introduce new members to the Amity way, so make it your business to bring in a new member or two.


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