Written by Kushner Stuart

B’nai Israel Congregation’s Mitzvah day

Dear Amity Club President Wollins,

Steve, I have been meaning to write and thank you again for all the wonderful help (and donations) the Amity Club of Washington provided to B’nai Israel Congregation’s Mitzvah day!  There are countless places where your members could donate your time so we especially appreciate that you picked B’nai.

We were able to include a prominent mention of your group in our post-event write up and appreciated that you sent us a write up.  A pdf copy of the article is attached.

In addition we’ve attached some pictures taken of the group, which you are welcome to use.  Hopefully you will consider participating in B’nai Israel’s Mitzvah Day next time.

Thanks again and Shalom,

Elizabeth H. Bono
Program Associate to Rabbi Michael Safra
B’nai Israel Congregation

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